Facilitated System for Umrah Agents – IT Solution

Haramayn Group is facilitating all Umrah and Hajj agents around the world. We are pioneers in easing the business of travel agents. An experienced team behind the whole system has been serving the market from more than 20 years. Our aim is to lighten the burden of agents by giving them facility of Umrah Agents IT solution. Through this solution you will be able to reach the huge market, get more customers’ book with you. Inspire them with Haramayn label to travel with you for their sacred journey.


Haramayn Group has eased the way of business for Umrah Agents. Haramayn label will help them display their services. They can label the facilities as their own which are provided by Haramayn Group and can show up to their clients through customized theme. You can facilitate your clients and give them all the facilities through a single platform.



Through this platform you can be one of the most affordable agents in the market with best and reasonable prices. Get maximum customers to book with you and excel your business by getting reviews from the clients. Maintain emails, and contacts through the system, you can upload videos and pictures so you clients will have a better picture of your services in their mind. 

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